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Confessions of A Viscount

Released on Nov. 28, 2006

Confessions is the story of Alistair, the charming astronomer you met as one of Tony's friends in Kiss From A Rogue. Alistair is up to his telescope in trouble when a female spy falls into his arms - literally. Just what was she doing on the rooftop in the dark in the first place?

After Alistair and Charlotte are caught in this compromising position, they enter into a fake engagement. The astronomer is smitten as he gets tangled up with secrets, spies, and stolen Royal property. He soon wants to make his fake fiancée his wife in truth, but Charlotte has plans to be a career spy...

"Karr creates a charming love story, incorporating a delightful mystery, à la Amanda Quick. Her dynamic duo of an independent-thinking woman and a level-headed scientist make for the perfect sleuths and their exciting adventures and sexual tension adds just the right amount of spice. Karr delivers and readers are the winners." ~ Kathe Robin, Romantic Times; four stars, K.I.S.S. Hero Award

"Confessions of a Viscount is a fast-moving intrigue, complete with all the dastardly and heroic characters you'd want in a historical romance. Charlotte and Alistair are enthusiastic characters who will win you over as fast as a starry night sky will turn your thoughts to those of romance." ~ Heather Hiestand,, Top Pick

"Shirley Karr continues to delight her readers. This story has it all—a believable mystery, a touch of humor, and well-developed characters who make an emotional connection with each other and the reader. Just the book we're all hoping to find -- captivating from beginning to end." ~ Marcy Dodge, RWA's 2005 Bookseller of the Year

Sorry I've been so behind in updating the site the last few months. I confess -- I've been spending all my time with the new man in my life, to the exclusion of almost everything, including writing. He's short, pudgy, nearly bald and has no teeth, and cries if he doesn't immediately get what he wants. Isn't he adorable?

Daniel Zacharias Karr was born on July 10, weighing 5 lbs 5 oz. Because he was six weeks ahead of schedule he spent six days in the NICU. Above, my husband is trying to burp the tiny guy. He's our little miracle baby -- after more than 20 years of marriage, we'd almost given up hope of becoming parents.

The first three months were rough, with colic and reflux, and our preemie would only sleep if he was held. Whoever said newborns spend all their time eating and sleeping never met Daniel. He'd spend four to six hours awake at a stretch, then sleep only an hour or so and start it all again. The colic began to subside, and Daniel began to sleep, after a friend (a Godsend!) suggested giving him acidopholus. At four months he started sleeping through the night -- in his car seat -- and he just made the move to sleeping in his crib.

Did I mention he's a little eating machine? Once we passed his due date he started growing like crazy. He now babbles and giggles, the sweetest sound on earth. He's still pretty high maintenance though. :-)

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Kiss From A Rogue

My second novel, released February 2006. Though Sinclair's younger brother Tony is never actually seen on-stage in Earl, he takes center stage in Rogue.

I've always liked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. In my version, the dwarves are smugglers and Snow White is their ringleader. Tony gets more adventure than he bargained for when he agrees to pose as the lady smuggler's husband.

What An Earl Wants

My debut novel, released January 2005. Winner of Holt Medalion for Best First Book and the Laurie Contest for Best Long Historical.

Inspired by Noah's ark and the revolving-secretaries running gag on the sit-com Murphy Brown, Sinclair's servants keep pairing up and running off, leaving the household in chaos. Will Quincy restore order, or add to Sinclair's woes?