Just for fun:

  • JauntyQuills.com Seven of Avon's newest authors banded together for the purposes of shameless self-promotion, calling ourselves the Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills. The first fruit of our collaboration: a blog site. Seven writers, seven days of the week. Coincidence? My turn comes on Sunday, so I usually post just before going to bed Saturday night.

  • www.AvonAuthors.com Info on upcoming releases, contests, live weekly chats (Mondays, starting at 5:00 p.m. PST), plus you never know which authors will be hanging out on the message boards.

  • Johnny Depp Zone A fan site celebrating the most talented actor of his generation. News, pictures, news about pictures, interviews, articles ... you name it, if it's about Johnny, Zoners know it and will post it on the message boards and archives.

    Tom C. and Brad P. are interesting, but in every role they're always Tom and Brad. Nothing wrong in that -- John Wayne had a great career being John Wayne in every role. Johnny, however, delves deep and transforms for every role -- even his more mainstream characters like Sands (the CIA agent in Once Upon A Time In Mexico) and Donnie Brasco are radically different. Gives me hope that I can write a different book every time out. He doesn't just act, he *becomes* the character. He goes so deep into character, and takes the viewer with him, that while watching The Libertine, when people called out "Johnny!" I was thinking Rochester, not Depp.

  • LadyWashington.org Home page of my favorite Tall Ship, shown here with every yard of canvas unfurled. I've sailed on Lady W twice so far, and someday would like to volunteer as crew. My first cruise five years ago was just to satisfy a writer's curiosity about the past brought to life, and I've been hooked ever since. My fascination baffles me -- I'm an Air Force brat, not Navy. But then again, my imagination is trapped in early 19th century England, so I guess it makes sense.
  • Unofficially, everything about Stargate SG-1, one of the best shows on TV: http://www.gateworld.net
  • Ahh... Can't you just picture him (below) in the cravat and waistcoat, breeches and boots of a Regency gentleman? A Tribute to Stargate SG-1 and Michael Shanks is a fan web site with great pictures and information, including a VCR Alert page.

    Richard Dean Anderson -- As Jack O'Neill, MacGyver, or even Dr. Jeff Webber on General Hospital, this actor has been pushing my buttons since I was in junior high. Now that's lasting power. And stamina in your leading man is always a good thing. ;-)
    For the full collection of photos, filmography, and way more than you ever wanted to know about RDA, check out www.RDAnderson.com
  • Jack and Daniel, poster boys for alpha and beta heroes, together. What could be better?

Enough with the um, inspirational photos. On to the serious stuff.
Especially for writers:

  • If you aspire to write and publish in romance fiction, I strongly recommend you join Romance Writers of America:
  • Rose City Romance Writers, my wonderful local RWA chapter:
  • I wouldn't want to have to dress as a Regency woman, but I'm fascinated by the time period. For those who love writing books set in England and its environs between 1800-1830, check out The Beau Monde, the Regency special interest chapter of RWA:




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